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Двунаправленный шлюз между KNX, BTCino, Lutron, Modbus RTU & TCP, Security systems, Sonos и т.д. Встроенная логика, математика, настраивается через конфигуратор. Не может выступать сервером визуализации, только шлюз+логика.

Brick Upgrades


It allows to control the popular Sonos multimedia system in a bidirectional way from KNX. In addition to common use controls, the user can set repeat mode, to play defined tracks (both locals or coming from network services or line-in port) or playlists. Another important feature consists of the possibility to define grouping among the players and to easily recall them with KNX groups. Feedbacks information (play, stop, current volume, track, artist, etc.) are available on KNX. 
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It allows the bidirectional control from KNX of all the alarm devices integrated in ThinKnx system. All the sensors feedbacks are available on KNX. In addition, telegrams can be sent in case of emergency or other programmable events. It is also possible to control arming and disarming of the alarm device through 14 byte strings. Connections to the security panels can be made through a RS232 port or RS485 port. 
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It allows the bidirectional connection of Modbus bus (RTU or TCP) to KNX bus. A RS232 and a RS485 ports are available to connect directly to Modbus. It supports all the standard communication functions and all the datapoint types. It also implements advanced modes of data grouping to optimize reading on Modbus. There are no limitations in the number of usable datapoints.


It allows to control the Philips Hue lights from KNX bus.
In the ThinKnx system different rules can be created to control Hue elements (lights or groups) from KNX and to receive feedbacks from them.
It is possible to simulate RGB elements or white lamps with presettable light temperature.
Created elements can be integrated into scenes and controlled by KNX devices.


It allows the bidirectional connection of MyHome Bticino plants to KNX plants. Through easy-to-fill tables it is possible to set matching among the messages coming from the two worlds. The device makes possible the control of KNX devices from MyHome buttons and viceversa, allowing the creation of unique supervisions for the complete integration of the two systems.


This brick allows to control all the audio video devices already integrated in ThinKnx system from KNX bus. Multi-room systems, A/V matrices, audio amplifiers, infrared transmitters and so on will send their status to KNX and can be commanded from there. Connection to the devices can be made through a RS232 port or RS485 port.


It allows to collect data from KNX plants (both locally and on the cloud), to generate reports and to continuously store KNX telegrams (logger modality). All the data can be sent via e-mail to multiple recipients and organize in tables or charts. It allows also to set periodic tests about the correct functioning of KNX devices in the plant (through their physical address) or of devices in the network (ping or test connection through TCP/UDP ports). In case of malfunctioning alarms via SMS or e-mail can be sent.


It allows the bidirectional connection of Lutron plants to KNX plants.
The integration allows to associate KNX groups to Lutron lights, making the devices in the Lutron plant controllable from KNX buttons or supervision.
The Brickbox makes possible also the control of KNX devices from Lutron buttons, allowing the creation of unique supervisions for the complete integration of the two systems.